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Unlocking the Difference: Job Vs. Career in the Horeca & Hospitality Industry

looking for a job or a career in the HoReCa & Hospitality industry?

The difference between a job and a career

The notion of career is often confused with the notion of job. But there is an important difference between the two concepts. The job is what you do to receive a monthly salary, this being a paid job. On the other hand, a career is a fruitful, long-term job that brings satisfaction. This refers to the progress made by someone in personal and professional life.

The job has short-term perspectives, direct results, is determined by the organization, limited, fixed and motivational system, while the career has a long-term perspective, long-term development, is determined by the individual, multiple motivation-increasing significance for the individual .

Transforming a Job into a Career

When doing a job it is not enough to use only the methods already learned. You have to be constantly in step with the times, to use new strategies, methods and technologies, all in order to advance and better perform the current work. You need to be aware of what is going on in your area of ​​work and react accordingly. There are specialized seminars, specialized courses, business meetings, conferences where the current trends in a certain field are exposed. Constantly follow the trends.

Competitive advantage over an employer is knowledge.

The investment in knowledge is one of the most profitable, because it will be returned and will be amortized in a few years. You also need to find time for further study, even when you are employed. As the current environment is constantly changing, you need to improve in order to remain competitive.

Sometimes we change jobs, maybe every few years or permanently. This is a very normal thing, the desire to change jobs to reach the one that can ensure your advancement and build a career.

For anyone, choosing a career is a difficult task, especially at the beginning of the road. You need to plan carefully for any changes. Change management does not mean fighting against it, but learning from it, growing and developing.

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