Job interview and candidate selection for employment.


How should you present yourself at the HoReCa job interview?

How should we behave before the interview and after the interview?

After you have applied for a CV, you must arm yourself patiently, waiting for the invitation to the interview with which the employers start their selection.

Find out about the company for which you are working

Visit the company’s website, read especially the section “About us”, “About the company”, search on the internet, on blogs.

Find out about the specific job offered before the interview
Find out what knowledge, skills and abilities are needed to perform certain tasks at the workplace. Think about what conditions you meet, to what extent, be honest and objective in self-assessment. Read all information and job descriptions.

Prepare concrete questions for the interview, which you will ask at the end of the interview.

It is not recommended to ask questions regarding the value of the salary.

Study your resume well when applying for a job to support it in the interview.
Before leaving for the interview, check your CV carefully so as not to give incorrect data.

Prepare and repeat a presentation that does not last more than two minutes

Study information
Last job description
Description of a previous job
Special skills
Spoken foreign languages
Driver’s license
Why are you looking for a job
If you mentioned a foreign language, prepare the presentation as shown above and practice it in that language as well.

Think about what you will wear to the job interview

Your clothes influence the interviewer’s first impression of you. Be neat and clean, dress appropriately and professionally, according to the position you are competing for.

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