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The supplier SC Casa Bella Serv Impex SRL, with identification data CUI RO13086390, J12 / 612/2000, through the site we want to be the reliable partner of any natural or legal person, who browses this site in as User or Client (Employer, Candidate).

Classifieds Jobs and Services in the HoReCa industry – International Platform 

What do we offer?

The service offered by the Supplier SC Casa Bella serv impex srl, through the website consists of: 

1. Access and online publication of job and service announcements in the HO-RE-CA field, depending on the package chosen by the Client. 

Job categories

Jobs at Hotels
Jobs at Restaurants
Jobs at Bistro-Café
Jobs at Pizzerias
Jobs at Hostel
Jobs at Camping 
Jobs at Resorts
Jobs at Wellness
Job at SPA
Job in Sport

Jobs on Cruise Ships
Services for HoReCa

Customer registration

Access to the website is based on username or e-mail address and password.

Access the icon to the right of the magnifying glass pictogram, the form LOGIN -> select -> Don’t have an account? -> select CANDIDATE or EMPLOYER from the REGISTER form -> Fill in the fields -> check Terms and conditions -> REGISTER. After registration, the Customer will be automatically transferred to his account at the dashboard.

• you must remember the e-mail address, in case you lose your password, you need the e-mail address you used to register on this site

How do we connect after we register?

Access the icon to the right of the magnifying glass pictogram, the LOGIN form will open -> Enter your username or e-mail, your login password that you received by e-mail upon registration -> LOGIN- TE. You will be sent to your dashboard account.
Access to ad serving is made after selecting and paying for a package from the vendor’s account.
The activation of the publication of the announcements is made after the selection and payment of a package, by the Client, in the Supplier’s account.
The type, price and duration of the ads, as well as the type of packages, can be viewed on the Home Page and in your dashboard.
The username and password are the complete responsibility of the customer, so we recommend keeping the customer confidential.

How do we change the password?

To change the password, the customer must be logged in to his account (see the instructions in “How to log in after registration”). After logging in select -> My profile -> Change password-> Fill in the current password-> Enter the new password-> Confirm the new password -> Save the changes. You will receive a message that, if you have not changed your password, you should contact the site administrator by e-mail.
To change your email address, do the same. Enter another email address in your account and save.

Account Deletion

Deleting the account can be easily done from the customer account (see How to log in after registration) go to -> Dashboard menu -> My profile -> Enter the password in the section-> Delete account.

Have you forgotten the password?

If you have lost your password, you can reset your password as follows
-> Go to the icon to the right of the magnifying glass icon -> in the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD form enter your username or email address -> RESET PASSWORD. You will receive an email with a new password. If you have not reset your password, contact the site administrator.


Listing of ads.

The provider and are not responsible for the information provided by the customer in the ads. The customer (the author of the ads) is fully responsible for all information in the description of the ads.

The supplier SC Casa Bella serv impex srl does not assume responsibility for any discrepancies, omissions or errors that may appear in the advertisements, does not assume responsibility for the lack of description of the information in the description text.

We offer services in the field of online advertising at national and international level.

The website offers Employers the opportunity to post announcements about jobs as well as about their companies that contain content, photos, video clip, e-mail address, phone number, website (https : / / ……) of the company and location, job description for recruitment, profile presentation, company brand, logo, if any, location, possibility to receive CVs and messages from candidates, social networks where they are present.

All job recruitment announcements, posted by the Employer, will be found in the main menu section of the “Jobs” button. From this section you can apply for a job in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this site, see Terms and Conditions.

About companies and information about them, you can access the main menu “Companies”.
Our company has thought of helping everyone, so that companies enjoy as much exposure as possible in terms of recruiting for updated jobs, and users to find out as easily as possible about the existence of jobs and the possibility employment in the field of Ho-Re-Ca, both in the country and abroad.
Companies can list the company profile followed by a description of the object of activity, the jobs offered, phone number, website, email, social networks, location, video presentation and the number of employees.

The website offers Candidate clients the possibility to post CVs, announcements containing, photo images, video presentation of the candidate, job description for which he offers his availability, the message button through which he can receive messages about employment, address, social networks where present.

Candidates’ CVs as well as the candidate’s profile can only be browsed by employers registered on the website
The platform offers users looking for jobs, the opportunity to contact Employers and Companies registered by them in the site, by e-mail, messages, phone, can access their website or send their CV to apply for a job.

What products does offer?

One of the basic products that the site (platform) offers to its customers is a very economical and useful package type product (see their description and price on the Home page.

– BASIC- 1 ad, for 30 days.
– CORPORATE -30 ads, for 90 days
– ENTERPRISE – unlimited ads, for 365 days

Packages for CANDIDATES
– BASIC – 1 CV, for 30 days
– CORPORATE – 15 CVs, for 90 days
– ENTERPRISES – Unlimited CVs 365 days

How do we purchase packages?

The packages can be purchased by paying online in the supplier’s account, from the website (platform)

The purchase of the packages is made from the site (platform) with payment by card or O.P. through the bank, if the client requests this in writing according to the Terms and Conditions (see the Terms and Conditions section).

The card payment operating system is secured and operated by Netopia.

How do we add ads?

After paying the package in the supplier’s bank account, the customer has access to the personal dashboard and can post ads according to the description of the package he opted for.
Contact by e-mail:
The announcements are displayed after the customer has made the full payment in the bank account of the supplier, in compliance with all the terms and conditions of this site (see Terms and Conditions).

What does the site (platform) promote?

The website promotes Hiring Companies offering jobs in the field of HoReCa as well as Candidates looking for jobs in this industry. The ads are listed according to the chosen package and are visible both nationally and internationally.

Our company, through the website, wants to offer the best advertising solutions that will contribute to the success of our clients’ business.

The team,
wishes you much success and hopes for the best possible collaboration!

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